León Clef

Leon Clef is real. He composes, sings and plays his instruments with honesty – from the soul. He combines art, passion and talent to produce real music. Leon Clef is a self-taught musician, composer, multi-instrumentalist and entrepreneur. Born in Medellín, from a young age he was passionate about Rock music, music that helped him become bilingual in a natural way …

Virginia Mellado

This amazing Flamenco singer from Sevilla, Spain will blow you away with her voice and her charisma

Xavier Cevrin

Guitar virtuoso, composer and producer from Belgium. Has worked with us in several projects. For more info go to www.xaviercevrin.com


Alternative band from Medellín with a huge sound

Andrés Ángel

  Virtuoso flamenco guitarist Andrés Ángel is teaming up again with us for his second studio album coming in 2019. Here is his first single featuring amazing singers Virginia Mellado and Raúl Micó:  

Tjebbe Donner

Our good friend Tjebbe Donner released his solo EP on a bluesy vibe.   

Mónica Zuluaga

  Singer songwriter Mónica Zuluaga is working on her brand new album 7+1 to be released during 2018. She’s making an album based on senses and it’s been a magical experience. You can check her latest single “beso de desayuno” here:  

Naty Hernandez

Singer Songwriter Naty Hernandez with her new project Nativa, always amazes us with her talent and beautiful voice.


Latin pop band MOWA finished their latest work and it’s amazing. It’ll make you move every muscle in your body. Guaranteed!

Perros de Reserva

This industrial-goth-punk rock band influenced by Rammstein, Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie among others, has been in the scene for the last past years and oh boy! they have left an impression among their fans. A lot of visuals and a powerful sound make them one of the revelation bands in Medellin over the last few years.