Our Services

Because we know every project is unique, we have the solution for all of your audio related needs

  • Recording

    With the state of the art equipment and its acoustically designed room, we offer you the best environment for your acoustic recordings at your disposal. The versatility of the room is amazing. It can be a small vocal booth with an intimate feel or a large hall to record some punchy drums.
    You can have a live session recording up to 3 amplified instruments (guitars basses), 1 drum set, 2 non amplified instruments (sax, vocal) and 6 line level instrument (keyboards) simultaneously, allowing you to play with others while recording, capturing that vibe that sometimes cannot be achieved recording separately.

  • Mixing

    Thanks to the Neve® mixing board, the mix will exceed your expectations on how rich and wide your mix will end up. Ultimate analogue circuitry with superior plug-ins and pristine digital conversion allow us to recreate the legendary sound present in most of those classic records.
    Warmth, punch and definition are the most important attributes sought by virtually anyone who has made a song. Professional audio mixes at an affordable price.

  • Music Production

    Have the ideas but don't know how to take it to the next level? Don't worry. Our production team will work with you to help you get the color and intention without sacrificing its essence and feel.
    If you only have a scratch vocal or riff, we can develop it and make a complete song out of it with our team of producers and song writers.

  • Post Production

    If you need to 'hear what you see' io Recording will create those sounds you're looking for your ads, films or tv series. Our sound design team makes it happen by creating new sounds with multiple layers or make foley tracks to create those unique sounds to play in sync with your images.

  • Soundtracks

    If you want to put some music in your shorts, films, documentaries or tv spots, we compose the music that match the emotional tone you are looking for in those critical scenes, boosting the overall feel and intention of your project.

  • Audio Branding

    We believe in the power of audio. That's why we work with the most qualified Audio Branding experts to help your brand build long-term relations with your clients by creating a sound id based on your company's principles and values