Our Studio

We aim to please…

Our main goal is to help you achieve your musical goals and go above and beyond your expectations. That’s why we are at your disposal with state of the art equipment and fully qualified staff for great results

The Studio

  • Live Room

    The live room at io offers different types of settings that are perfect for tracking any kind of instrument. It is perfect for cutting anything from Massive Drum Sets to string ensembles. Equipped with three Amp iso booths and a vocal booth, recording of live sessions becomes a good choice for capturing the vibe of each performance with the possibility of later edits and add-ons without worrying about track bleed.

  • Versatility

    Its unique live room design, with no parallel walls, offers the possibility of adjusting the size of the room depending on the project needs. It can sound like a big live room for recording blown out, heavy ambience Rock drums or like a small iso booth to record really tight and dry instruments for pop and hip hop projects.

  • Great Vibe

    We know the importance of a great atmosphere in the creative process of every musician. That’s why we provide you with an amazing atmosphere to help you get in the zone as soon as you enter our studio.


  • Experience

    Working as an Engineer and Producer for more than 15 years, Mauricio Serna has become an expert in getting the right sound for any specific type of project: Rock, Pop, Jazz, Blues, Hip Hop, You name it. He has the touch to get that warm round sound and balanced mix most people are searching for. Always looking to build a unique listening experience, he uses different techniques and adds personal touches so each song transmits its real intention.

  • Professional Standards

    Every staffer at io is highly capable of getting the job done no matter your needs. We are focused 100% on giving you the best service with no downtimes so you don’t have to interrupt your inspiration.

  • Every Job is Personal

    If you want the quality you would expect from a professional recording studio, but with a more personal and friendly atmosphere, you have found it.