Our Services

We are always happy to help you achieve all of your musical goals. That's why we offer the following services:

  • Mechanic


    State of the art equipment to capture your ideas with the best possible quality

  • Wheel


    Add warmth, punch and definition to your music

  • Exhaust Pipe

    Music Production

    We take your ideas to the next level making them world class material

  • Wheel Alignment

    Post Production

    Add and create new sounds to your video projects

  • Oil

    Music for Film

    Improve the emotional tone you are looking for in your scenes with the right music

  • Trailer

    Audio Branding

    Create a sound id based on your company's principles and values


Our schedules are based on your needs.
That's why we are open all the time

All our sessions are made by appointment only


Cl 8b 65-191 Suite 130
Medellín, Colombia

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+574 407 5551

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